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Data Optimized and tailored for the Pacific operating environment

We architect enterprise level platforms with the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services Cloud.

For small to large businesses, who are wanting a cost effective, secure, highly available and scalable platform. We architect, build and maintain cloud based applications optimized for all industries across the public and private sectors.

We recommend our pre built cloud enterprise level cloud applications with existing functionality which allows stable, rapid and cost effective deployments for government, educational and business organization needs. 

It quickly became clear that our data would be safer in the Microsoft cloud than in our own datacenters. After all Microsoft is an expert in Enterprise security.

Jeff Heyde, Director of Global Systems, Dana Holding Corporation

Focus only on your business while we look after the tech

Fully Managed Cloud Solutions

Pasifik Cloud utilizes custom developed tools and provides a highly skilled technical member who will ensure your cloud platform is always running optimally and securely 365 days year. We have automated monitoring tools that allows immediate notifications and automated healing including automated horizontal scaling based on predefined metrics such as Site visitors or CPU Utilization. In the unlikely case where a node does drop off and our automated tools are not able to automatically spin up a new node for you our competitive SLA's allow for your issue to be addressed ASAP and within the next business day.  

Cheaper than hiring your own Dev Ops team and purchasing and managing your own application, file and database servers, it makes sense to utilize our platform and service for a fraction of the cost.

96% of the Fortune 500 is on the Microsoft Cloud.

Source: Microsoft Blog

Don't Pay to Reinvent the Wheel

A Complete Cloud Application Base

With our pre-built secure, highly available, highly scalable, highly performing cloud application we allow organizations to save money and time by starting from a existing fully tested, stable, enterprise level application that has already been integrated into our fully managed cloud platforms.

  • Pre-built multi-tenant, feature rich, SaaS cloud applications that are proven, stable and enterprise ready.
  • Integrated into our fully managed cloud platform (on Azure or AWS) designed for high availability, high scalability, high performance and security.

Pre-built, highly scalable, highly available, highly performant, highly secure and fully managed cloud applications

Screamingly Fast, Secure and Powerful

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